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Confronting the Violence of Capital.

York University — May 13-15, 2016

Capital comes dripping from head to toe in blood and dirt, and its continued reproduction has proven no less bloody. Its existence relies on systemic forms of degradation and exploitation, both spectacular and quotidian. From the violent suppression of 19th century workers movements and genocidal imperialism – from the Paris Commune to the scramble for Africa – capitalism’s victories and defeats have always played out in the arena of violence.

Today, against a backdrop of permanent war, austerity measures, refugee crisis, and racist police brutality, it has become clear that violence remains the backbone of the capitalist world order. As many Left movements, from the indignados to Occupy to Black Lives Matter, are challenging the violence of capital, it is vital that we conceptualize new strategies of resistance and self-defense.

HMTO 2016 will discuss the depth and extent of capitalism’s violence, in addition to reflecting on the Left’s modes of resistance historically, today, and in years to come. We welcome submissions from a broad range of participants, including activists and non-academic researchers.

Free childcare will be provided at the conference. If you will need it please let us know in your abstract.

Financial Aid

Historical Materialism Toronto aims to be an inclusive conference.  In an effort to move closer to this goal, HMTO has set aside funds to be put towards travel bursaries for conference presenters from outside Toronto faced with financial barriers to their participation. The fund is meant to facilitate the participation of community members, activists, graduate students, and contract faculty with no other institutional funding opportunities. We will only consider the applications whose abstracts are accepted for conference presentation.

To be considered for a bursary award, please send an email with the subject heading “Bursary Application” to historicalmaterialismtoronto@gmail.com. In this email, along with contact information (email or phone), please tell us about your existing funding availability (for example: through university institutions, faculty or student associations), what financial barriers are restricting your participation, and where you are traveling from. If you are approved, you will receive funding of up to $200 CAD. Applications need to be in no later than Saturday, February 13th, 2016.