Chairing Instructions

Thank you for supporting HMTO 2016. Chairing is an important part of making the conference a success. The conference organizers would like to highlight some of the roles for chairing at HMTO 2016. Please read these over before chairing.

  • make sure the session you’re chairing starts and ends on time.
  • confirm with speakers the amount of time they each have to present. Organizers have told presenters that 30 minutes should be left in each session for questions/discussion from the floor – even if there are more than 3 presenters. But leave some time at the end for presenters to respond to questions and comments.
  • welcome everyone to the session and briefly introduce the speakers
  • time the presenters, and give them warnings at the halfway and 5-minutes-remaining marks. Ask them to wrap up when there’s one minute left.
  • briefly go over the ground rules: “after we hear from the speakers, we will open it up to floor”. Before opening it up to the floor, state time limits you will hold people to (2 minutes maximum is reasonable) and be sure to enforce it (otherwise some people will speak for 30 minutes). People can be added to the speakers list more than once, but first time speakers should always get priority
  • announce that you will pursue (to the extent it’s possible) an equity speaking list for the discussion (so discussion isn’t dominated by white men)
  • make sure the tech works in their rooms and coordinate with the HM tech liaison for problems.
  • have a full pitcher of water for presenters. (there will be volunteers assigned specifically for these last two points as well).