Regarding Advertising

While advertising is the fastest way to reach out to your consumers, the thousands or perhaps millions of dollars that you spend on advertising will just be wasted if your advertising is not communicating to your audience. A good way to advertise your products and to give more information about them is by giving out brochures. Good brochures do not just list down products and give descriptions–they should also talk to the reader about their needs. Subconsciously, the material should encourage the reader to make an outright purchase or to place an order. So the next time you get into brochure printing for your company look at the following printing that you could apply.

1. What do you want to say? Write down your message and summarize this in one big bold phrase or sentence. That concise version of your message should be on your front page. Readers easily turn away from a brochure whose front page does not speak to them; so your cover is crucial.

For the inside text, make an outline of the things that you want your readers to know, such as but not limited to the overall purpose, the highlights of your business, the company history, the theme of the material, and also the contact information of your company.

2. Your style speaks. The style of your reading material should also speak the same language as your message. The style that you choose should strengthen your firmís brand and not create confusion among your readers. This includes font style, the colors, the text format, the character format, and the finish of your brochure. You can also play with the folds, like having a tri-fold, a half-fold or any other unique shape. The folds should highlight your message, not subdue it.

3. The importance of color combination. There is such a thing as the psychology of color and you would do well to understand that. It will help you choose the right colors for your design. Using the right combination will highlight your message so choose the ones that will have the greatest impact. For example, red is a strong fiery color. You can use this on your headline. But if you are not sure what to do, you can consult a design expert on this. Or if not, you may read articles on color combinations that can be found on the internet. That way, you are guided as to choosing the backgrounds, borders of photos, and font colors.

4. The value of good photos. You can speak a thousand words with just a single photo. So make sure that you include good quality photos in your advertising collateral. Many times, people do not have the time to read but they can always have a moment to glance at photos. Just a few seconds of looking at one photo and it is embedded in the mind already. After all, people tend to remember photos more than text. So take advantage of this fact and capitalize on quality photos that make your products jump out of the page. And make a good play of photos and words in order to convey your message.

5. Avoid confusing turns. Be clear with your message all throughout. Some brochures tend to change their message at a single turn of the flaps and that is confusing. Remember to avoid this for your next brochure printing. Your message should be coherent from the cover to the last flap.

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