Regarding Advertising

While advertising is the fastest way to reach out to your consumers, the thousands or perhaps millions of dollars that you spend on advertising will just be wasted if your advertising is not communicating to your audience. A good way to advertise your products and to give more information about them is by giving out brochures. Good brochures do not just list down products and give descriptions–they should also talk to the reader about their needs. Subconsciously, the material should encourage the reader to make an outright purchase or to place an order. So the next time you get into brochure printing for your company look at the following printing that you could apply.

1. What do you want to say? Write down your message and summarize this in one big bold phrase or sentence. That concise version of your message should be on your front page. Readers easily turn away from a brochure whose front page does not speak to them; so your cover is crucial.

For the inside text, make an outline of the things that you want your readers to know, such as but not limited to the overall purpose, the highlights of your business, the company history, the theme of the material, and also the contact information of your company.

2. Your style speaks. The style of your reading material should also speak the same language as your message. The style that you choose should strengthen your firmís brand and not create confusion among your readers. This includes font style, the colors, the text format, the character format, and the finish of your brochure. You can also play with the folds, like having a tri-fold, a half-fold or any other unique shape. The folds should highlight your message, not subdue it.

3. The importance of color combination. There is such a thing as the psychology of color and you would do well to understand that. It will help you choose the right colors for your design. Using the right combination will highlight your message so choose the ones that will have the greatest impact. For example, red is a strong fiery color. You can use this on your headline. But if you are not sure what to do, you can consult a design expert on this. Or if not, you may read articles on color combinations that can be found on the internet. That way, you are guided as to choosing the backgrounds, borders of photos, and font colors.

4. The value of good photos. You can speak a thousand words with just a single photo. So make sure that you include good quality photos in your advertising collateral. Many times, people do not have the time to read but they can always have a moment to glance at photos. Just a few seconds of looking at one photo and it is embedded in the mind already. After all, people tend to remember photos more than text. So take advantage of this fact and capitalize on quality photos that make your products jump out of the page. And make a good play of photos and words in order to convey your message.

5. Avoid confusing turns. Be clear with your message all throughout. Some brochures tend to change their message at a single turn of the flaps and that is confusing. Remember to avoid this for your next brochure printing. Your message should be coherent from the cover to the last flap.

TorontoSEOGeek Review – Why SEO is Essential for Online Business Survival?

Toronto SEO Geek is a Toronto SEO Specialist

(Toronto SEO Geek does “white label” SEO on many of our e-comm projects)

Having an online business isn’t simple, but running one can be a profitable idea. Even several years ago, the scenario was a bit different. Companies online weren’t as known as they are now. Because of a lack of competition, business owners don’t need to be concerned regarding online business marketing or promotions. As a matter of fact, the important job like SEO was handled mostly by top-level managers or business owners. With the changing scenarios, new challenges and complications have arrived in the process of business promotional. That is the reason why today businesses demand a tactical SEO solution.

So, why does your online business requires SEO? Will it make your business grow? Below are some of the reasons why you should invest efforts, money, and time on the best SEO solutions and these include the following:
Promote New Services or Products – When businesses come with innovative services or products, they actually play a risk. The risk basically has nothing but lack of awareness of the service or product on a targeted group of clients. For instance, online shared cab booking services for an outstation journey was launched. However, users don’t know how to use that. Visiting outstation on a share is a way to save money. Single travelers prefer such things as well. However, the company needs to convey its benefits to a targeted group of clients or else the idea wouldn’t be acceptable. Once the idea failed, your business might need to face massive loss.

Better Business Popularity – As the promotion of the brand is related to SEO directly, the popularity of the business is inevitably connected with SEO. Making a business popular is important so more people may get connected to your business. It is important to encourage potential clients to visit your business site. The higher number of visitors you get, the higher figure of sales your business can enjoy. For good business reputation, SEO is imperative, not only making the business popular, but you also have to invest time to keep a positive reputation for your own business.

Improved Business Profitability – Improving profitability must be the main goal of any business. From this aspect, SEO will play an essential role in small online businesses. Profitability basically depends on the figure for sales of a business. If the sales increase, the business will be profitable. If the sales figure stays on the average, your business won’t be able to achieve profitability. For more efficient and better business profitability, several methods for SEO are used. Veteran or experienced webmasters may chalk plans on business marketing to perfection. They can help in this matter. SEO plans have to be chalked to various SEO methods. Lots of techniques are used today to promote businesses over the internet.

If you believe that SEO is very important yet you don’t know how and where to get started because you are confused with the available information online, let Toronto SEO Geek do the job for you. With its experience and expertise in the market, you can be assured that you will get the results you desire and make your online business grow and survive, regardless of the competition in today’s market.

Online Search has Headed For an Antitrust

I have noticed one paradox when tried to promote my online startup business on It pushed me to research it further. For a whole year I searched almost every day for the heavily search phrases such as “cheap flights”. These key phrases draw many millions of searches and visits to the websites listed on the first and the second pages of Google’s organic search results for free because sites don’t pay for organic search results placement. I don’t know how hard it was before for the start-up an online business to reach the first pages of the organic results for truly key phrases, but it is very difficult and expensive today. It is possible, but at the same time almost not.
First two pages of the search results are always reserved by today’s giants in the travel industry and any other industry as well. The giants have more money to spare for their marketing needs than anybody else. The giants receive huge profits from first page placements for leading key phrases in Google’s organic results that bring enormous amounts of free traffic, causing them to make record profits.

For the small business, picture changes. AdWords Pay Per Click cost a lot of money. Prices often reach $1 per click for good keywords, what turns it into a loss that doesn’t reimburse itself. Small businesses don’t have as much money to spend for their marketing needs and can’t keep up with spreading as many one-way links as the giants of today’s web. Basically, there is no way for the small online business, that tries to reach targeted clientele through Google’s organic search results, to reach as much of that clientele. Even the AdWords come out too expensive.

I personally tried and reached third pages of the Google’s organic search results (For long phrases that people don’t search for. Majority of people search for the same short phrases, such as cheap flights, airline tickets and so on.), but that’s not enough. Most of the online users don’t go past the bottom of the second page of the results that search engines provide for any search criteria. It became cheaper for giants of the internet to promote themselves on Google, than for the small start-up businesses. Some people say: “Well, Google lists only credible businesses on the first pages of its organic results”. You know, I consider my business, a credible online business too. I do staff that giants don’t, I donate from each transaction made through my web business to a random charity and I plan to continue.

Anyways, I truly think that Google and the rest of the leading online search engines should rethink the scenario under which their search choose what sites to display on the first pages of organic results for all search criteria. I think that there should be a different way to tell the difference between the credible business entity and some online scam. There are services such as Best Business Bureau that keep track of the business credibility. Through services like, to make sure of the credibility and legality, Google and alike should choose and display 10 random business websites on the first page of the organic search results to online surfers who use their services to find staff. Every time surfer refreshes the first page of the organic search results, that randomly chosen list of websites would change to the different list of other 10 credible and relevant to the search criteria web businesses. It would make it fair for all businesses promoting their services through Google and alike, such as or I would suggest implementing the same changes to the functionality of and search. I will even promote and many others, just like me, the startup business owners would love to promote fair-to-small-businesses search engines that will implement this change first, free of charge for them.

Just imagine how many more businesses would be able to compete with old oversized giants that sit on the first pages of the search results trying not to let anyone in to be placed in front of them. Competition drives businesses to invent and improve the quality of their service, satisfying the customer more and more, and more. Today, access to online empire concentrated in the hands of the 10 giants listed on the first page, who forgot what competition is. They don’t need to compete, they receive huge traffic and sales for free. Then they set huge prices for good keywords using AdWords Pay Per Click, what makes it unaffordable for small guys due to the fact that to stand in front of the site that pays a $1 per click in AdWords, you have to pay $1.05. If there are 8 sites and all pay over a $1 per click, but you can afford to pay only $0.50 cents, then your site is doomed to be listed on the third or even further pages even among paid search results.

I can’t believe no one filed an antitrust law suit against the way the search engines operate today, letting wealthy corporations build a wall so easy, to complicate ability for the small business to compete with them. It needs to be dealt with!